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Welcome to Loubi World: Christian Louboutin’s first ever virtual presentation. Hosted on the Korean gaming application Zepeto, the designer will be unveiling his Women’s and Men’s spring-summer 2021 collections on October 2nd to the international press, his friends and his fans.


Modelled on a techno-kawaï version of his forever-muse Paris, this immersive experience sets the stage for his collections by recreating the places and moments dear to him - from a terrace with an imaginary view of the City of Lights and the Galerie Véro-Dodat where he opened his first store back in 1991, to a paved round square complete with a classic Parisian bistro, creperie, carrousel and the Morris columns. Upon arrival, guests will be teleported to the Loubi Boutique, a virtual version of the newly opened store on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, where they’ll be given carte blanche to style their self-created avatars using pieces from the new SS21 collection.....

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