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The world first digital super model Shudu, created by photographer Cameron-James Wilson in 2017, became the first digital model as the face of designers like Balmain and Christian Louboutin, as well as Samsung and endless editorials and covers.

With the launch of our digital version of the magazine: SID-Live, cover girl Shudu, alongside the introduction of J-Yung, were styled in some of the most exciting digital fashion now.

We hope you enjoy this cover and editorial in this uncertain time, in the end It’s Only Love we need.

Created in collaboration with Browzwear,-

''At Browzwear, we work hand in hand with designers and apparel companies of all sizes to transform the fashion industry. Over the past 20 years, we have continued to develop true-to-life 3D simulation systems and digital workflow solutions that have enabled companies to cut out wasteful and time-consuming practices to enhance productivity, speed up time to market, and drive sustainability. It goes without saying that talented individuals are playing a major role in bringing about the much-needed change. With our Indie Program and Professional Guild initiatives, we bring aspiring and experienced designers to the forefront, giving them the right tools and skillset to further their careers in the digital apparel field and, together, drive forward fashion’s digital transformation. We’re thrilled to be a part of this forward-thinking editorial with The Diigitals and see the designs created by members of our Indie and Guild programs showcased by the next generation of fashion models.'' - Osnat Geva Lidor - VP of Marketing

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Kaitlin Williard Todora

  • Age: 26

  • State University (Industrial Design Major, Apparel Design Minor)

  • Country of origin: USA

  • Country of residence: USA

  • Website: 


Over the last 4 years, Kaitlin has been working closely with 3D, focusing on the design and development of denim garments. Now, as a Browzwear Guild member, she has been able to assist brands who are embarking on their 3D transformation journeys. “Over the past year, I have really got to see the importance of 3D and the value it brings. Many companies were unable to meet deadlines as they could not access physical resources. With 3D, you can create entire collections digitally,” says Kaitlin. When it comes to the concept of 3D avatars and digital runways, she expressed that it is definitely the way of the future. “Campaigns like this and agencies like the Diigitals open up a whole new world of creativity and visual expression. With digital the possibilities are endless.” Kaitlin has gotten to see the Diigitals at trade shows and across social media and is thrilled to be a part of this editorial.

She chose to inspire her work on St Vincent’s album Masseduction, in combination with themes of intimacy, touch, and embrace, all of which have been disrupted during the current global circumstances and nationwide lockdowns. By focusing on the details of the neck and arms, she could pair the pop culture look with an emotional element.

Karina Ochoa

  • Age: 28

  • Fashion Designer and Fashion Merchandiser from Arturo Tejada Cano in Medellin Colombia, and Fashion Designer from The Fashion Institute of technology In NYC.

  • Country of origin: Colombia

  • County of residence: United States

  • @karina_ochoa

From a background in fashion design and merchandising after studying technical manufacturing, Karina developed a strong interest in the business side of fashion. When working as a fashion designer throughout the second year of her degree, she worked closely with 2D CAD software programs, which soon sparked her curiosity about the next stage, 3D. Karina began using VStitcher at FIT’s innovation center, DTech Lab, working on several exciting collaborative projects. Since then, she has been mastering her skills in 3D, and has assisted several global brands in their 3D efforts.

As a Browzwear Guild member, Karina is continuing her digital journey with plans to move into the luxury fashion sector. “Being a part of the Browzwear Guild motivates me to challenge myself and put my abilities to the test,” says Karina.

When discussing the concept of fashion avatars, she notes that “the possibility to work with avatars in fashion just opens the doors to create digital runways in an otherworldly environment where the models can be part of creating an immersive experience, just as real-life models have personalities, digital ones need one too, to be memorable.” Karina has been following the Diigitals on Instagram for a while now and was particularly drawn to the Lavie runway. “I think that having digitals models creates more opportunities for the industry; we can work with them to enter digital markets like gaming or virtual retail experiences.” Karina is very much looking forward to being a part of an all-digital editorial, something which she is so passionate about, from styling to creating.

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SID (2).jpg
SID (5).jpg

J-yung wears - Rahul Verma

  • Age: 35

  • MA in Fashion Design and Technology Womenswear, London College of Fashion

  • BA in Fashion Design, National Institute of Fashion Technology

  • Country of origin: India

  • County of residence: India


  • @wearenoform

While teaching Textiles, Pattern Making and CAD in the United States for over six years, Rahul sparked an interest in fashion technology after listening to Browzwear's Sharon Lim talk about digital patternmaking in a colleague's class. "The very concept was mind-blowing to me, as I didn't yet know that it existed and the possibilities it presented were endless." Rahul began to explore the digital fashion design field as it was so relevant to his expertise in pattern making and designing. After keeping up with Browzwear's journey, he joined the Indie Program in 2019, where he has been able to learn, grow and develop his skills in the 3D design software VStitcher, and is now a member of the Browzwear Professional Guild.

Rahul has been following the Diigitals after listening to Cameron speak at several events and participating in India Fashion Week, where he first learned about Shudu. "I was super excited to hear that my designs were chosen to be featured in a fully 3D editorial and jumped straight into it. It's amazing to see the collaboration between Browzwear and the Diigitals, two great things coming together." Rahul's work is inspired by David Bowie, the two-piece suit features sharp-edged shoulders with fitted pants to go with it.

Shudu wears - Marina Picasso

I have been working with 3D for over 20 years, most recently as an independent 3D consultant. I work with several pattern maker systems, 2D CAD, textile PLM systems and of course Browzwear.

Stefka de Ruiter

  • Age: 26

  • Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Major: Fashion Design, Background: Luxury Fashion 

  • Country of Origin: Bulgaria

  • Country of Residence: USA, NYC

  • @stefkaderuiter


Stefka first came across the concept of 3D fashion design while studying at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) New York, where she became increasingly interested in the combination of fashion and technology. During her studies, she was introduced to Browzwear's 3D design technology, VStitcher, and since completing the VStitcher Certificate Program, it has entirely reshaped the way she creates her garments. Intricately detailed clothes have always inspired Stefka. Throughout her education, she developed a passion for luxury wear and couture, which is reflected throughout many of her designs.

When discussing the concept of fashion avatars and digital runways, Stefka shared that "It is a whole new way of modeling. Rather than seeing the garment on your desktop, you can do so much more with it; you can gain a clear sense of how the garment will look when it is worn." Stefka first learned about the Diigitals during the Alvanon 3D Tech Festival several months back, gaining insight into the process behind creating the avatars. She is over the moon to be a part of this campaign, share her designs and creativity with the Diigitals, and see how each part comes together.

Stefka had several inspirations behind her designs for the editorial. Firstly, 18th and 19th century fashion apparently it wasn't only females who wore corsets during that time but men wore them as well to improve posture. She wanted to create a piece that could be worked by both men and women. "Usually, when something has been stored away for a while, it has creases, so I wanted to emphasize that this piece was an unfolded corset, which you can see in the details, but give it a 21st century twist in denim." The second design, a preventative dress, in line with today's current climate, a multipurpose piece that can also be worn as a vest. With this piece, she experimented with different materials from the Substance by Adobe and Browzwear denim washes to create a washed-out effect. Finally, the third garment is inspired by surrealism. The panels are added for a more dramatic touch, and the keyhole represents the entrance to one's subconscious mind as we walk through life with uncertainty.

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