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If you’re not wearing fragrance as an accessory this holiday season, you’re missing out. Just as a piece of jewelry or statement bag can elevate a look or set a vibe for the night, a single spritz of the right perfume can take your wardrobe from everyday to night out. It’s able to round out all the senses, adding an indulgent detail to sights and sounds.

That’s the case with Rabanne’s Fame, the perfume that offers a fresh take on femininity. Bold, playful, and complex, it’s made with the modern woman in mind. The creamy fragrance manages to do it all, being at once smooth and strong, sweet yet sensual. It exudes luxury with an edge, evoking Rabanne’s Parisian spirit in a way that feels completely new. And, in that way, it’s the ultimate accessory to take your style to the next level. Here’s how.

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