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Movakween lends her voice to Shudu in a interactive editorial for Vogue Arabia's Fashion Avenue, celebrating 10 years of the Dubai Mall.

   MovaKween is an independent music artist from Baltimore, MD. With her musical fusions of R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop , & futuristic Neo-Soul combined with her lyrical awareness, her music is intended to take us higher.

   The topics in her music include self-love, spiritual awareness , the divine feminine, the soul of the melanated community, & her own creative freedom. It’s her mission to be a change-agent, making music with meaningful content that feels good . While her music is purpose-driven, she aims to keep both her sound and content fresh.​


   "One of the smoothest voices to come out of the woodwork this year is that of MovaKween. The local singer-songwriter has just released her first full-length debut, featuring this infectious single. The slow jam doubles as a freestyle jazz number, with MovaKween’s voice swinging between cooing neo-soulful lows and urgent hip-hop highs. In the vein of Erykah Badu or Jill Scott, she uses her honey-coated vocals and sharp rhymes to tackle larger topics, like the importance of female empowerment, creative freedom, and feel-good vibrations for the hardship-riddled city of Baltimore. Mark her down as an artist to watch."

 Credit - Dec.2017 Baltimore Beat - The Big Baltimore 


''I am an independent music artist from Baltimore, MD. I come from a lineage of gospel singers & Jazz musicians; so ever since I found my voice, I have utilized it to navigate through life. From losing my father to gun violence as an infant to liberating myself from toxic relationships & ways of being in my adult years, my personal healing has helped guide me in my quest to heal the world. One of the biggest events in my spiritual awakening was the birth of my daughter, which really shifted my awareness and prompted me to move forward as “MovaKween”. 


For a longtime I knew 3D art would be the next big thing. My partner, Kyle Yearwood, is actually a visual artist and when we came across Shudu for the first time, we were blown away by how real she looked. In fact, I didn’t know for sure if Shudu was a real person or not. Although I did see the controversy around Shudu, my perspective since the beginning has been that this is an innovative expression of art & beauty. 


My relationship with Cameron came from me just genuinely showing love on Shudu’s Instagram. I actually sent Cameron a DM about collaborating; and once he saw the content I was releasing on my instagram, he responded with nothing but love. Fast-foward a few months, he contacted me with this amazing opportunity to have my music featured in a video with Shudu for Vogue Arabia.''

Movakween Visual Art Credit - Kyle Yearwood

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