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“Worlds collide as high fashion dematerialises, Taking the first leaps from the metaverse's limitless runways, digital fashion model Shudu tours Planet Earth in effortless style. From another world to ours, but no less real. A journey created to allow for lines to blur and new realities to emerge. This is the future of fashion, everywhere and nowhere at once, a place where beauty itself reigns supreme, and where "impossible" belongs to the past.”

Visualisation by @cameron.gram & @tom3d.gram from @thediigitals
Featuring garments and shoes by @louisvuitton expertly digitised by @studio.acci
Unique designs by @xr.couture @burbush_design @t.hippie__ @taskingoec
@thedematerialised X @virtueworldwide
Bags by @thedematerialised X @rebeccaminkoff
Accessories by @aurelia_and_icarus @rheawear.digital_ @theweb3girl.eth @jevels.nft

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