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Janice Drummond lends her walk to Shudu in our Mo-Cap shoot for the BAFTA's

   ‘'During my teens, I was told for years I should be a model. Back then a size 2 at 5”11. Finally, at sixteen I thought what the heck and went to the agency ITM. They signed me and my modelling career began. I’ve enjoyed the work. I’ve done a bit of everything, runway, print, advertising and commercials. The traveling aspect was my favourite part. New cities, the people, culture, food.

   I’m mostly based in Toronto now; my husband and I raise our 2 beautiful girls in a midtown neighbourhood in the city. Six months ago, one of my neighbours who works in the 3D field introduced me to Morgan and his team at Quantam Capture. They were looking for a model for future projects and he thought I would be a good fit. The team showed me what they did, I visited their studio and right away I wanted to be part of it. I didn’t quite know what I was going to be part of, but I was drawn to the possibilities. Five months later Morgan contacted me about a project he was working on with Cameron, they showed my pictures to Cameron and he wanted me to step in role of Shudu which blew me away. What an honour! 

   This was so different from what I’ve done as a model before, I was excited and curious about how it all worked. It’s a new frontier. Shudu is strong, fierce, beautiful and I love everything about her. 

   I didn’t know what to except on the day of the shoot. It’s all very technical. There’s no hair and makeup, wardrobe was a mo-cap suit. The glamour and magic happens when I’m long gone. I can’t wait to see it all. Technology is changing every aspect of our lives and the fashion industry is just another part of that change. I’ve embraced it and I’m excited to see where it takes us. Digital models will be a big part of the fashion industry. I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to be a part of the revolution and embody the world’s first digital supermodel.’’

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