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Amazing to be a part of the team to create the new NFT Coca-Cola wearable jacket.  "A custom Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable – a futuristic jacket – is illuminated with effervescent fizz, purposely designed with subtle nods to Coke's nostalgic delivery uniforms. It also will include an unlockable version that can be worn in the Decentraland 3D virtual reality platform. Inspired by metaverse trends and utility, the jacket features the Coca-Cola color palette, fusing the metallic red of the aluminum can and caramel brown of the delicious drink."

"As digital artists ourselves, we recognize that the Coca-Cola brand and its enduring values have inspired innovators and artists across three different centuries. It's a thrill to partner with people who are filled with such creative energy and care about building fans in the metaverse," said Ty Duperron, Chief Operating Officer of Tafi. "This is truly history-in-the making and it is our hope that this inaugural collection of Coca-Cola NFTs will delight and inspire fans and collectors for centuries to come."

As Coca-Cola Auctions Its First NFT, More Brands Are Entering The Metaverse


Coca-Cola is harnessing its history of collectibles with a first NFT as marketers continue experimenting with the intersection of cryptocurrency and culture.

The Atlanta-based beverage giant is selling a series of four NFTs—known as non-fungible tokens—that will be sold as a single asset with proceeds benefiting Special Olympics International. NFTs are digital assets backed by blockchain technology and have seen quick adoption this year by artists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. Interest in the sector has prompted companies ranging from Pringles to the entertainment brand Superplastic to create NFTs with the hope of tapping into the crypto-cultural zeitgeist.

For its digital asset debut, Coca-Cola partnered with Tafi—a Utah-based startup that makes avatars and other virtual content—to resurrect a pixelated version of Coke’s classic 1956 vending machine. However, instead of cans of soda inside, the “Friendship Box” is meant to be like a “loot box” in video games. Coca-Cola’s own Ethereum-based NFT loot box includes a metallic red bubble jacket wearable that is inspired by the company’s old delivery uniforms—but that illuminates with fizz. The series also includes digital versions of Coca-Cola’s 1940s trading cards and a “sound visualizer” that features classic Coke sounds such as a bottle opening and a drink being poured over ice. Coca-Cola’s auction will begin bidding on July 30 and run through August 2 on OpenSea, online marketplace for NFTs and other crypto collectibles.

“It really gave us an opportunity to explore the robust space the digital space gives you. This really cool convergence of form and function and aesthetic,” said Joshua Schwarber, senior director of global digital design at Coca-Cola. “So the ability to do things in motion and have artwork come alive or be able to reimagine our assets in new and unique ways to create these multi-sensorial kind of opportunities.” ......

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