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Shudu graces the cover of @vogueczechoslovakia Leaders edition, seen walking the streets of Prague captured by Filip Šlapal @slapalfilip wearing digital designs created by Katarína Mydliarová @brufen.k

Join us at the June #AISummitByVogue conference to learn how to use AI to your advantage. Among the guests of honour will be our own @cameron.gram creator of @shudu.gram and founder of @thediigitals alongside our Shudu Muse @iamalexsandrah

“Shudu is the embodiment of elegance and modern design, representing a ground-breaking chapter in the world of fashion and modelling. Inside the seventh edition of Vogue Leaders, look forward to interviews with experts and creators at the forefront of digital development, and analysis of the latest trends in artificial intelligence. Get ready to enter a world where the real and the digital are increasingly intertwining.” - @vogueczechoslovakia

#VogueCS #OnlyinVogue #Shudu #AI #VirtualSupermodel

Produced by: @thediigitals
Visualization: @cameron.gram@tom3d.gram
Digital Fashion Designer: @brufen.k
Virtual Fashion Stylist: @tom3d.gram
Shoes provided by: @studio.acci
Photo of the architecture: @slapalfilip
Virtual Model: @shudu.gram

Publisher: @michaelaseewald_v24
Editor-in-Chief: @danicakovar
Concept & Art Director: @robert.kov
Fashion Director: @milenazhu

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