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The overarching campaign “Interactive Intelligence” steps into the modern interaction of man and machine. Advances in technology are bringing an unprecedented human aura to the digital realm, and complex systems are becoming ever easier to operate. Machines are adapting more and more to human habits and needs, with AI among the most important technologies – from chatbots to the Internet of Things. At the same time, social interactions are shifting overwhelmingly to the digital realm and people everywhere are missing out on authentic connections. 

This campaign dives into this emerging human-machine interaction. At its heart, the campaign features an engaging installation by Sarah Newman, Director of Art & Education at metaLAB at Harvard, the leading institution in the field of experimental arts and humanities, who works at the intersection of research and art to investigate technology’s role in human experience. 

Are there really things we prefer to share digitally, and how do they differ from what we prefer to share in person? Combining audio elements, projections and interactive elements, the installation explores why we are sometimes more willing to trust machines than fellow humans. In safe and nurturing surroundings, visitors are encouraged to share their secrets as a way to reconnect with themselves and each other and develop meaningful relationships.

Alongside the installation, the topic of human-machine interaction is explored through a playful, moderated dialogue that invites visitors to engage with this crucial question of social cohesion at a moment when we need it most.

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